Barilos Fine Sausages Ltd.

Barilos Fine Sausages Ltd.

Address: 1265 , Maple Hill Court, Newmarket L3Y9E8, Ontario, Canada
Contact Number: 9059539914
Email: [email protected]
Business Type: AgriFood
No. of Employees: 10-19
Tags: Animal Slaughtering and Pro

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Barilo's Fine Sausages LTD | Ontario Finest Meat Products

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We are Barilo’s Fine Sausages LTD. We are a meat processing company that manufactures and distributes European-style deli meats throughout Canada.

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Hosnieh Allahkaram, 10/13/2019

Hi this is Arvin. I am writing this review to tell you that. My dad got some sausages and they taste so good . the first sausage I ate I felt like I was in
heaven that is how good the taste is.who ever owns the place who ever made the sausages give some credit.

Owen Cooper, 10/15/2019

when i see a good sausage it inspires me to be better to change the world i love fine sausges this place as super fine sausages

Peyton Athanasopoulos, 10/10/2019

Barillo’s Fine Sausages makes the most delicious and scrumptious
sausages i’ve ever tasted in the entirety of my life, I bought some for my family and we thoroughly enjoyed them, the favours were astounding. Absolutely amazing.

Shawna Hack, 01/09/2019

Edit 2:33pm same day:

The manager returned my call with an issue I had with a driver. I was told he will speak with the driver asap and that they do not condone the issue that happened, I am very happy that he is taking this seriously. I don’t want any compensation or anything for the issue at hand, I just want to make sure the driver is talked to for his actions so this does not happen again. Thank you.

I have not tried the food. But i recommend them for their customer service.

SlushieGamer YT, 10/10/2019

The sausages are very good and tasty, I am excited to eat them again.