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Daniel Moryoussef, 10/30/2020

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the service I have received the other day by my hygenist Marcella. She went above and beyond to make sure I wasn’t in uncomfort as I have sensitive gums. Overall great experience and looking forward to having her again on my next visit! Thanks again Marcella!

Elsa and Behzad Nasiri-Hassani, 02/26/2020

I have been to few dental offices but this one is the one that I would go back to and recommend it to all my families and friends. As they say first impression is the most important thing in any situation well the staff at this office are amazing and so friendly. I am personally afraid of getting my teeth cleaning or do anything on it but these staff made me fell so calm and relaxed that I was not afaird to be there. If anyone is looking for a dental office go here because you will be taken care of the staff and the doctor.

Marcella S, 10/28/2020

No better dental office then Markham 7 dental. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the office manager and staff. The office has amazing Covid-19 protocols set in place making me feel extra safe during this time. Dr.Nightingale is an amazing dentist, very honest and truthful with treatment options and very conservative. Definitely recommend this dental office for cleanings and any dental emergencies you have.

Ryan Fang, 10/18/2020

After some thought I figured it was quite important to share my story with Markham 7 dental.

About 3 years ago I had a really bad toothache on my bottom left molar and it needed root canal treatment. Dr. Harvey saw to the root canal treatment and it was completed successfully. For a year and a half, the tooth functioned well and gave me zero issues. However, about a year and a half later, after seeing by a periodontist regarding a strange bubble on my gum. I was told that the root canal had failed and I should get it redone.

I called Markham 7 dental for a consultation the next day and I was booked for a consultation right away on the same day in about 2 hours. I first saw Dr.Nightingale who took a look at the tooth, and he redirected me to the visiting endodontist Dr. Kevin Baweja (Who only comes once a week).

After a couple minutes, Dr. Kevin Baweja walked into the room, looking very busy and rushed. He took a quick look at the X-ray, and poked at my gum with a dental tool he said “The tooth’s cracked”. I was shocked. I asked “Why is it cracked? Where do you see that it’s cracked?” Dr. Kevin Baweja simply said “it’s cracked” without giving any explanation and told me that I need to pull the tooth out and put an implant in. Still in shock, I reasked the question again “What makes you say that?” He repeated the same answer again “it’s cracked, it’s the only reason why it’s like this” and walked out after I was left speechless by his response. Few minutes later, Dr.nightingale walked back into the room and told me that there is not much to be done except pulling the tooth out. He told me that I could think about it if I need more time. So I thanked him for his consultation and left with with over $150 in emergency visitation fee.

Because of Dr.Kevin Baweja’s quick conclusion without serious inspection. I went to an endodontist I trusted who did my other root canal (Which still holds to this day) in 2 cities away to get a second opinion.

After a thorough 10 minute inspection I was told that the symptoms I am experiencing could either due to a crack tooth, or a curved end of the tooth which wasn’t cleaned out properly (which could happen in a root canal treatment). And that they could not determine the tooth’s condition without opening it up and cleaning out the fillings first. Which would cost $300 for opening up the tooth (non-refundable), and another $600 for the root canal if it needs to be redone. Otherwise I can just pull it out to cure the infection and have an implant put in later. (I had no insurance at the time)

This whole time between appointments the condition of the tooth was getting worse so I had to make a decision fast. I decided not to open the tooth up on that day, opting for the certain cure offered by pulling the tooth out. The endodontist I saw did not charge me for the visitation.

Afterwards I came back to Markham 7 dental looking for an implant option, and I was referred by Dr.Nightingale to a periodontist that specializes in implants. The periodontist pulled the tooth out and to my surprise, it wasn’t cracked like Dr. Kevin Baweja’s diagnosis. In fact, structurally it was quite healthy.

Although Markham 7 Dental has provided me with good in-patient experience on most of my visits in the past. I cannot overlook the fact that I was rushed as a patient and was not given a proper diagnosis which lead to a series of unfortunate events. We could never know whether the first root canal was done diligently or there was a hard to see curvature on the end of the tooth leading to the failed root canal.

Regardless, I was asked by Markham 7 Dental after my first couple visits to give a 5 star review. After this experience, I have to now change that 5 star to a 1 star, docking 4 stars for misdiagnosis and a possible lack of diligence in the root canal procedure.

Tyson, 10/20/2020

Front office staff are a blast! Friendly and reasonable. You won’t find better hygienists that actually do a proper job. Great COVID protocols, safe and comfortable environment.