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Absolute Industrial Mechanical Ltd. | Stainless Steel Experts

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Pipe Fabrication & Installation Services in Maple Ridge, BC

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Blampin, 03/05/2019

Absolutely Outstanding!

Christina Aleksic, 01/27/2017

Dallas Brill, 07/19/2019

Dan Bourgeault, 04/08/2018

Experts in their field. Almost as good as Drake!

Dave D., 08/21/2015

I’m not one to write many reviews, but Absolute Industrial Mechanical Ltd. deserves one from me for going the extra mile. As I was about to leave for work on the morning of August 11th there was water flooded in the hallway downstairs in the front hallway. I looked in the furnace/hw tank room and saw it was flooded and the items we had stored under the stairs were sitting in dirty water. I knew it wasn’t my hw tank because it’s a year old and didn’t show any signs of failure, but I obviously wanted to find out the problem and get it dealt with asap. I quickly googled for plumbing companies and saw Absolute was near my house, so I gave them a call. Of course I was slightly frazzled due to the situation….Brad answered the phone and said he would have someone at my house within 30 minutes. Sure enough, 25 minutes later Stephen came to my house. Stephen did his thing, identified it was a sewage back up and worked to resolve the problem…..long story shorter, he opened up the lid to the IC pot in my driveway, which is the sewage clean out pipe, and he discovered it was plugged about 6 or 7 feet down where the sewage goes to the main. He tied a sling to a pry bar and worked to break free the clog….when the clog broke free, the sewage flowed up the pipe and almost go him in the face. The part I didn’t mention is the water box in the driveway for this clean out was located under my travel trailer….so Stephen was laying on his stomach with a flashlight in one hand and the sling for the prybar in the other. Sure I could have hooked up and moved the trailer, and was willing to of course….but Stephen wanted to get it done. Afterwards he used a shop vac to suck out the material with caused the clog and recommended we call the city to bring a vacuum truck and suck it clean to prevent any future clogs, which wasn’t any additional cost to me (thank you Maple Ridge!!). Stephen solved the problem in 2 hours and I was only charged 2 hours, at a very reasonable rate. Brad and Stephen looked after our family very well, I couldn’t have asked to be treated any better. A sewage back up in your house is an unpleasant situation to say the least, it means a lot when good people help you with the steps to remediate & repair your home. It was a crappy day, but I discussed with my wife that evening the great job Absolute did and that I think A LOT of plumbers wouldn’t have gone the extra mile under our trailer to break free the gravel clog….instead saying we’ll need a vac truck to clear it and take off. Well, the city vacuum truck couldn’t make it until the next day…one day without plumbing makes a big difference!! I later requested a “service report” from Brad & Stephen for insurance purposes and again they looked after us well. Thank you guys very much….keep up the great work!!