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Dage Immigration - Global Mobility Made Simple And Affordable

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At Dage Immigartion office, we bring more than 20 years of combined Immigration, Recruitment, Employment and Career Counselling experience...

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Dage Immigration - Global Mobility Made Simple And Affordable

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chandima kalansuriya, 05/24/2021

After my study permit was refused in January 2021, I was left feeling helpless. I had gone to a few consultants in Colombo but when I discussed reapplying for my refused visa, the answers given to me were awful. One day, my mom got referred to Mr. Ruwan. He took over my case and handled each and every step of the process very professionally . Thanks to Mr. Ruwan and his team, I finally got my study permit and my dream finally came true.

Most importantly, when I arrived in Toronto, I was questioned at the airport and the CBSA took me for a detailed examination for various unknown reasons. They even requested that I go back to Colombo. Luckily, I managed to call Mr. Ruwan. From there, he guided me very professionally on how to face the examination and prepared me mentally and physically. As my legal representative, he was able to discuss the matter with CBSA officers and assisted them to clear the confusion. Thank you Mr. Ruwan, for all the help you extended to me specifically when I was faced with a crisis, and hope to work with them moreover .I am extremely happy and recommend Mr. Ruwan’s services to anyone who wishes to study in Canada. He is the best!

Dilhan Wijesinghe, 06/16/2021

Highly recommended !!! I want to mention Mr.Ruwan Egodage who gave me a clear and brief consultancy. He contacted me and motivated to do the right thing in the right time. I recommend Dage immigration as the best immigrant partner to Canada. Thank you Mr. Ruwan and team Dage immigration 💕

Kavi, 04/19/2021

Dage immigration gives me a huge support to go through with my goals.Mr.Ruwan done a great job and without his commitment I will never achieve this.He was really concerning about his students, like a father.there is no any other immigration consultants like Date immigration.

Nilanthi Rajapakse, 04/15/2021

We are very happy about Dage Immigration as they provide good and quality service. Even I took the experience of their work, they do such a great job💓. Even my son got the opportunity to success his dream because of Dage Immigration, he tried for several times and finally joined with Dage and succeed his dream. I’m really glad to recommend their work💓

Pashenna Thilanka, 04/14/2021

Migrating to Canada was one of my biggest dreams since my childhood. After completing my higher studies in Sri Lanka as an IT Professional, I tried to fulfill my dream. I visited many visa consultants but it was not successful.

Still, I remember the day that my aunt told me about Mr. Ruwan Egodage, who is a Canadian Regulated Emigration Consultant. Since the first day I contacted him, he provided me with a great guidance & support on how we could apply according to the immigration rules, regulations & requirements provided by IRCC. He guided me well through the whole process and preparing the necessary documents upon the task.

By today, my dream came to a reality. I could well recommend Dage Staffing Solutions for those who has dreams towards Canada. I would like to offer my heartiest gratitude & wish Mr. Ruwan & Dage Staffing Solutions to be more and more successful in the future.