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Immibright provides Canada immigration and visa services. We can help you to achieve your dream to live, work or study in Canada."/>

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Arash Dadyar, 09/10/2021

Thanks alot immibright and thank you so much Majid Hajali!
For your cooperation & participation to help us to get visa and it was a new experience
Your team is perfect and immibright is the best road to Canada
My family & I recommend to people :
Let’s go
Contact to immibright
it’s great!!!

Behzad Bahmani, 10/12/2020

Mr.Hajali was great in answering my questions patiently. He has a great self confidence, that it can make you calm and it will help you that think more to ask any questions that you want.
price is a little high, but if it works, i think it worths.

Qian Vicky Ye, 04/01/2021

Majid has been very helpful and patient. He answered all my questions in regards to my situation honestly and professionally. Definitely would recommend him to anyone. 🙂

Shadi Ahmadi, 08/26/2021

I would like to appreciate Mr. Hajali’s keen efforts and honesty who took the time to inform me about fundamentals and also advise me on how to get the job done.

Soad Seraj, 09/11/2021

Dear Majid,
My family and I so thankful for what your team and especially you did .We couldn’t have done it without your expert efforts and advices.
I’ll never forget your continued support .
Once again,your help is really appreciated.
I can honestly say that ‘immibright’ shows great opportunities to their clients.

Best wishes