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Duke’s Metal Industries

Duke’s Metal Industries’ wire products are widely regarded as among the best in North America. With over 30 years of manufacturing expertise in China, we are the lowest-priced provider of wire and fabricated wire goods in the North American market. We’re able to do this by offering Chinese prices with Canadian quality. Industries as diverse as electrical engineering, electronics, transportation, aircraft, and building and construction make use of our wares. Our company’s main goal is to supply clients with high-quality goods and services at reasonable rates, with an eye toward providing the greatest possible value.

Concrete reinforcing meshes are often made out of Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR), which is a wire-based material. This product’s excellent efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of its reasonable pricing. These materials are used in the building and precast industries and can be purchased in sheet or roll form. To keep the wires in place while the concrete is being poured, welded wire reinforcements are often woven into a mesh pattern with a high-density design. When compared to traditional methods of installing rebar, this approach saves both money and time.

Bar grating and galvanised expanded metal are two of Duke’s Metal Industries’ many specialised offerings. Agriculture, interior design, fencing, storage, hardware, textiles, culinary, and construction are just some of the many fields that benefit from our wares. Our company has become well-known in North America as a leading supplier of wire items. Production, customer service, administrative support, and supply chain management are all handled by trained specialists.

Flat filament crimped wire mesh is the subject of this article. Mesh, wire, black wire, lead wire, welded mesh, white steel wire, brass wire, copper wire, barbed wire, and other non-ferrous metal wire are all used in this context.  Several fields, including metalworking, building maintenance, and wall washing, make use of this substance.

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